Upward trend in German employment also continues in June

In June 2017, roughly 44.2 million persons resident in Germany were in employment according to provisional calculations of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis).

This was a record high since German reunification.


Commites is a German cooperation partner of the Metal Forum Asturias 2017

As a partner of the Asturian Foreign Trade Agency ASTUREX Commites invites interested companies to the 5th International Forum of the Asturian Metal Industry that takes place in Gijón from 30th of May until 1st of June 2017. We look forward to hearing from you.

ASTUREX Industrial Forum

Cooperation agreement between Commites and DSC International firmed

Commites and DSC Deutsch-Südzentral-Asiatische Consulting GmbH deepen its cooperation to develop the Central-Asian-Markets for European companies.

The foreign promotion agency Aragón Exterior (AREX) invites Commites as a specialist for German heavy industries to the VII Encuentro Internacional in Zaragoza in February 1-2, 2017